Monday, July 27, 2009

In Defense of the Darkest of Dark Comedy

A humorless feminist scold spends a lot of time being wrong in the following article a friend shared with me on Google Reader today. This is my response.

Humor is by definition going to offend someone. The "chef" (double-quotes for double-sarcasm) that invested time to create Hot Pockets might well be offended by the Hot Pockets skit. She actually stumbles upon why the darkest of dark comedy is funny here:

Call me a humorless feminist scold (I know you will!) [Edit: I did!], but I find it remarkably pathetic that Herring defends his material with an expectation that people too fucking ignorant to understand the basic concepts of "equality" or "consent" be sophisticated enough to discern the subtle nuances of privileged wankers ostensibly laughing at bigots/rapists because they find bigots'/rapists' expression of their hatred funny, but not bigotry/rape itself.

Basically, mocking bigots/rapists is so dangerous that it should be banned from the comedic lexicon. Certainly we wouldn't want to risk people taking parody and satire literally. I must be some kind of Irish holocaust denier because I don't think any babies actually died as a result of Jonathan Swift's influential pamphlet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Sprint Experience

I had to replace the battery in my Sanyo M-1 yesterday, and the manager at the Sprint store gave me a demo battery for free.

Thanks Sprint!